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At 34 years old, for the first time I am beginning to practice and embrace self-love.

I know…  you’re like, “what?? You are the queen of sharing inspiration to live and love your best life ever… how could that be??”  I know, I know… I’m shocked too.

I am embarrassed to say I am just realizing I have spent my whole life worrying about what other people thought of me, inside and out while subconsciously judging other women too.  As a life coach, I preach self-love and acceptance and whole heartedly believe in the power of it yet I haven’t been setting the best example.

(I promise this is a blog about mom-bod clothes… hang with me.)

7 weeks ago I gave birth to Lola, our first girl after 3 boys.   I share this not just because after 4 babies, my body is different (duh, of course it is) but because the thought of my beautiful little girl living 34 years of her life with the same unrealistic expectations of herself to be “perfect” haunts me.  I am only now realizing how much pain and suffering I caused myself  working out like crazy to stay a size 4, never saying no when I had nothing left to give or spending every last penny I had to try to fit in or keep up with the joneses.  Holy “sheet”, that truth feels good to get off my chest.

I believe in the power of living a healthy lifestyle, mind, body and soul. And that starts right here, right now (MOMS) with dressing how you feel comfortable.  My wider hips, saggy boobs and belly pooch after 4 babies just feel and look best in longer waist line shirts and higher waist line pants. So I put together a few of my fall favorites for you to check out.  The items I’ve picked still allow me to feel confident, classy, and sexy.  But remember, you could wear a burlap sack and as long as you’re head is held high while you strut your stuff, you’ll be hot as hell!  (I have got to stop cussing but I want to drive this theory home and it made my point best!)

BTW… Every item is at a steal of a price… Your’e welcome! (Click on pics for direct link to purchase)



Express $20.94

Vici $54

Old Navy $32.00

Old Navy $6.00

Express $29.94

Target $29.99  (Perfectly paired with cardigan below)

Old Navy $18.00


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