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As a young child we believe everything our mother says and seek her input, approval and acceptance.  As a teenager, most of us generally do our best to reject all of that.  But it almost always comes back around full circle as you become an adult or mother yourself.

You see, whether your mother is your biggest supporter or toughest critic, best friend or you wish you spoke with her more, the role of our mothers shape our lives and the expectations that we have for our ourselves.

In my experience, my mom is the best person I know.  And as our relationship has transitioned from her being my childhood hero to actually seeing her as a human being with dreams and needs of her own, I appreciate all her sacrifices and guidance on a whole new level.

With all the (wanted and unwanted) advice she has offered over the years and the million times I have echoed similar things to my own children, I began to deeply regret every eye roll and sigh I shot my mom throughout the years.

Here’s my top 30 things my mother was completely right about:

  1. Brush your teeth and change your underwear, every day.  I mean c’mon. 
  2. Not all friends are your friends. 
  3. Life isn’t always fair but don’t give up.
  4. Forgiveness is a strength, not a weakness.
  5. Don’t spend what you don’t have. Only use credit when you can pay it off each month. 
  6. Everything will fall into place if you let it.
  7. Self-confidence is the key – it is how you always win even when you lose. 
  8. Laugh lines are prettier than sun lines – wear SPF.
  9. Be yourself – it’ll take you farther.
  10. Your ex was wrong for you. 
  11. A good lipstick can give you superpowers.
  12. You get what you give – be kind.
  13. Don’t spew sh*t on social media – it WILL bite you in the a$$.
  14. Never mix business with pleasure.
  15. Eat the cake.
  16. Write thank you notes. 
  17. Your child will be an asshole at times, just like you.
  18. Sometimes it’s wisest to say nothing at all.  Just listen. 
  19. Coffee and Jesus can fix anything. 
  20. Home is wherever your family is.
  21. They don’t like you because they’re jealous of you. 
  22. Just because you don’t wish someone bad, doesn’t mean you have to wish them well. 
  23. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.
  24. The grass is never greener on the other side.
  25. It’s ok to ask for help. 
  26. Women can do anything men can do.
  27. Nothing is ever THAT bad.
  28. You’ll understand when you have a child of your own.
  29. Don’t shower during a thunderstorm – it can kill you.
  30. You are beautiful just the way you are.

Moms are rockstars.  They love us, care for us, teach us, cry with us, celebrate with us, go without for us and so much more…. all in hopes we might retain an ounce of what they share and become a decent human being.  So, the next time you hear mom’s words coming out of your own mouth, pause to appreciate the wisdom she passed down to you. I guess it’s true, “mother knows best”!

To my Queen of a mom – you better save this, you were right!  I am a better person because of you… THANK YOU!

Love, your humbled daughter

***What lessons did you learn from your mother?  Share them in the comments below!

By jessie_bouton

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