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I get asked so many questions weekly, most of which revolve around what I’m eating, what workout I’m doing, how I curl my hair, what lipstick I’m wearing, or what book I’m reading… You know, the daily things you see me share and wonder about.  I too can appreciate a great fitting jean or a new lengthening mascara so I gladly oblige. 

But then I get a few of you who ask me about the bigger picture… the things that made me embrace my mission and purpose in life to inspire others to live a better life, to dream and to never settle. And I get as giddy as a school girl because MY dream is to help you rev up your self-happiness, take control and live your life by choice and not by chance.

I outlined the top 11 habits that helped me revolutionize my life to one more in tune with my dreams:

1 – Write down your dreams/goals – Hope is not a strategy. Write down your dreams/goals and then brainstorm ideas and actions that will help you get closer to accomplishing your goals. Action make dreams reality.

2 – Less is more – I choose to be super intentional with what I allow to take up space and time in my home, calendar and life which most often means I focus on the less is more motto.  Everything I have is used daily or weekly or I let it go because clutter paralyzes me when it comes to making decisions. This motto allows me to be more joyfully present in all aspects of my life.

3 – Workout daily – Workout for at least 30 minutes.  Walk, run, dance with your kids, yoga or whatever feels good to you. It used to be almost impossible to muster up enough energy to do anything. I physically and mentally just didn’t feel like it. I seriously attribute my lack of success at everything in life to my laziness.   But once I stopped waiting for the mood to magically strike and accepted the fact that our bodies were made to move and that exercise is a key proponent to being and feeling healthier, everything changed for the better.  So start moving and reap the rewards of having more energy, focus, clarity and success.

4 – Drink water – Drink at least half your body weight in ounces EVERY day.  If you weigh 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces.  Carry a full water bottle with you and flavor it with fresh lemon slices if you need to.  But drink, drink, drink. Doing this has an array of benefits but most importantly to me – it keeps you hydrated and curbs hunger.

5 – Slim down and step up the wardrobe – When you wear something that makes you feel great, you will act great.  So weed out all the old frumpy clothes that are faded, are two sizes too big or small or that don’t make you feel like the queen that you are. And keep just the things that make you feel like the best version of you.  Remember, less is more.

6 – Plan, Prioritize and Schedule – Overwhelm and procrastination are the biggest performance stealers. Plan out all the things you need to do each week and then decide what needs immediate attention.  Then schedule out exactly how the week will look.  This will help you be intentional with your time and focused with all the things.

7 – Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier – I hear too often from people they don’t have any time.  That’s crap.  Make the time.   Go to bed, get at least 7 hours of sleep and wake up early to start your day with me-time. Workout, meditate, journal, pray, read, write your blog post or work on the next chapter in your book… do whatever it is that  makes you feel great. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

8 – The 30 day test – Some say it takes 21 days to create a habit or kick one.  Others say it takes 30 days and others say 90 days.  I SAY 30.  So use each month to kick a bad habit or start a new good one.  I promise if you can stick with it for 30 days, you’ll never go back. I’m not saying you won’t ever slip but you’ll want the reward from the positive change more than you’ll want the thing that was holding you back.

9 – Growth and learn – Knowledge is power.  Everything I know about as a mother, in my business, my marriage, my faith, etc… are things that I read about, watched a video about or listened to from someone else educated.  I can say I don’t know how or I can put that excuse aside and learn how.  Google and youtube my friends, are the greatest free resources available, use them wisely.

10 – Attitude of Gratitude – Write down 10 things every day you’re thankful for.  They say, what you look for you will find.  So start looking for the little things that made you smile or laugh – that cup of tea, your kids belly laugh, that gorgeous sunset.  And just learn to let go of the rest.

11 – Alignment – Choose to align yourself with those who support and encourage you, those who are on the same path as you, and those who speak positivity into your heart and soul. This goes for friends and family you socialize with and for who you follow on social media accounts.  If they don’t make me feel great, I unfollow them and limit my time with them severely. People can lift you up or drag you down.

These habits have the power to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER, I promise.  Just try it!

For more daily pep talks to live a better life and chase your dreams through positive and practical tips like these, be sure to join me and a couple thousand other women in the Mom Bestie Sisterhood!

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