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I know technology is the way of the world now however, I’m not a big fan of some of what I’ve seen my kids find on what I thought were safe places for them to be like the popular app like YouTube kids or some of the images that my children have been able to find using the Google search bar.  Nothing feels safe anymore.  Not to mention, kids are darn smart and can find their away around most things.  I mean my 2.5 year old can turn on my tv but my mother can’t.  (Haha. True story.)  Anyway, my point is just because it is important for children to be fluent in the ever expanding technologically advanced world, does NOT mean that we have to take off the close leash just yet.  So… I’m sharing a simple ‘how-to’ guide for the two common electronics my children use, iPads and Google.

My children are ages 6 and under but I think you could totally use this for kids age 10 and under.  I don’t have a suggestion for teens but I’d love to hear if you do and I’d be happy to share it.

The iPad or iPhone use the same steps.  Go to ‘Settings’, in the ‘General’ section you will find ‘Restrictions’, it will prompt you to create a passcode. (Make sure this code is different than your unlock code.  But also BE SURE YOU DON’T FORGET IT because if you should forget it, there is not way to retrieve it and Apple will have to wipe your device clean to reset the code which will lose everything you have saved.)  Next go to ‘Enable Restrictions’ and then you can set your ratings one by one for anything your kids can access.  You want to be looking for things like ‘limit adult content’ and and changing it from allowing ‘explicit content’ to ‘clean’ and you can choose websites to allow or never allow.  Also be sure to turn of ‘multi-player games’ and the option to ‘add friends’ and lastly and most importantly, turn off ‘in-App purchases’.  I have a friend whose kids racked up a $250.00 bill and they never knew it.  (Funny but NOT funny when it happens to you.)

If your visual (like me), I put together a little two minute tutorial video I shared on my Instagram stories that everyone loved below.

Watch video here: 1080p 8

Google – Scroll down to the bottom right corner of the window on your laptop or your desktop, click on ‘Settings’, then click on ‘Search Settings’ and then find the area that says SafeSearch Filters and then click on ‘Turn On SafeSearch’


And one last gem I recently found is called the Disney Circle.  This baby blocks everything on the back end so for example, I can set a time limit for each family member on any app, platform or category I want.  I can set individual filters or my favorite thing is I can pause the internet or set a bedtime so it completely shuts off wifi to their devices after a certain hour so they aren’t staying up playing games or listening to music when they should be doing maybe homework or sleeping. And then I can set up an awake time for when I want it to turn back on. One other bonus is, I can sneak and see exactly what each one of my family members are doing with their time on devices by day, week or month.  This thing is GENIUS.  And worth every darn penny.  Plus no monthly fees. (Here’s a direct link to CHECK IT OUT)

I hope this helps you rest a little easier in this tech crazy world knowing you are protecting your kids from inappropriate content but also teaching them boundaries as I know my kids can fall into a big black abyss when an hour feels like only 5 minutes to them.





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