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As a busy work from home mom of 4, I get so many questions how I keep my house clean or if we have someone who comes in to clean for us. Oh man, a cleaner would be awesome and we have had someone on occasion in the past. It was a good idea but not a great idea. Truthfully, I am a little picky I guess. I know where things go and am a clean on my hands and knees type of girl. So when someone I am paying has to ask me everything, I go crazy. And when I find spots they missed (which is normal, I’m sure that I miss spots too), I end up having to go clean it anyways.  So kind of defeats the purpose in my eyes.  I just feel better doing it myself because I can’t blame anyone and I save money. Staying on budget keeps my husband happy because we like to live a debt free life. (Side note – because I know a few of you will ask… We live paycheck to paycheck but my definition is different than most who say that. Our version is, we pay all our monthly bills in full, pay into retirement, college funds and healthy emergency and vacation funds. But there is nothing left to lavishly overspend.  That could probably be another blog post.)

Ok… So, we are all about speed cleaning in this house. Our house for the most part, always looks decent and we feel like rock stars.  I’m serious, a clean house makes a big difference in our overall happiness. We speed clean versus an all out full day at the end of the week for two reasons – Because:

1. It’s not hard to come up with 20-30 minutes of energy.

2. Our kids will do it with us if it’s only a short time. We make it a fun game.

You know I love analogies… Think about it, it’s freaking hard to run a marathon. It’s exhausting. It takes everything you have in you to get the job done and then your tank is empty. Whereas, to run a few short sprints at full speed actually energizes you.

Ahhhh… Now you get it. And you think I’m a genius! I am! Haha… No, I’m not that egotistical but you guys will swear by this method too once you try it.

So how do we really do this?

I dedicate uninterrupted time in one area of the house for 20-30 minutes. That means no phones and no tv. I allow music because music is my fuel. So crank up the music, grab your laundry baskets and get moving.

So for example, say I am cleaning our main living area which includes the kitchen, living room and dining area. I fill one basket with everything that goes in bedrooms and the other basket with everything that goes downstairs in the toy area. That means counters, tables, floors and furniture have nothing on them. Then I clean surfaces (tables, counters and chairs) and lastly I do a quick sweep of the floor area and spot clean any drips from kids or the dog.


I usually don’t have time to put the things in the basket away. So, that will be something I do in 20 minutes at a later time or I will leave it for the kids to help with after school.

Do this regularly. It might be every day or every 2-3 days for you. But the minute, you let it go a week or two, is when you will have to do the all out marathon cleaning day or days.

We do a major floor clean once every 2-3 weeks because it’s time consuming and we actually traffic the same areas repeatedly which get spot cleaned every few days during my speed clean sessions.  And it’s really not too bad because we’ve kept up on the routine maintenance so well, it maybe only takes an hour and we have hardwood floors throughout our whole home.

I will also carry over this same method to bedrooms and bathrooms. The key is to choose a small area at a time, go all in and then soak up the feeling of accomplishment. And then do another area another day.

This speed cleaning method gives a boost of energy both physically and mentally. I feel so accomplished which for me only creates more motivation to keep the energy flowing in other areas of my life. But it also allows me to kick up my feet and relax more joyfully present with my babies which is something I know we all want more time to do as moms.

So, give it a try! It’s seriously amazing what a “sprint” of energy can do for your house and your morale!



Oh and let me know, how do you clean? Do you speed clean like me or do you put it off and drudge through the long marathon cleaning days?

By jessie_bouton

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  • Michele at Everyday Snapshot

    April 19, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    I do something similar to this and boy does it make a big difference. People think because I work from home my house should be spotless. HAHA Well, I do “work” and I do have kids, so Hell no it’s not spotless because I’m here. lol About twice a week, I do similar to you, and get stuff put back where’s it’s supposed to go. On opposite days, I sweep, vacuum and dust. Once a week I mop, clean shower/toilet. Spending about 30 minutes per day, saves hours on one day after it gets out of control. And I learned (from YOU) to stop multi-tasking, just do the one thing and be done with it already. Otherwise my 30 minutes was lasting over an hour because of things I’d start doing in the middle of cleaning, I was like Dory and got sidetracked by other needed things easily. I turn the music on, and cleaning time is cleaning time and man, much quicker and more effective.

    1. jessie_bouton

      April 23, 2018 at 11:18 am

      This makes me so happy to hear that you are having success with this. And yes, I joke all the time if I didn’t work from home, my house would be in much better shape because no one would be there to mess it up. Haha. And yes, I am easily distracted by ALL THE THINGS that always need to get done too. So this keeps my bad habits in check and allows me to feel a sense of accomplishment which motivates me to do more. Turn that music up, put blinders on and get it done. Thank you so much for sharing you find what I share helpful. Have a fabulous day!!!

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