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Happy Monday! I love when you guys chat with me, send nice notes and ask my thoughts or ideas on a subject or even when you ask what color is on my living room wall, my go-to lip color or my favorite place to find designer style for my self and home at an affordable price. Very often, I get the same questions from several of you so I thought this might be a fun way to share the answers for all to see in case one of you didn’t even know you wanted to know the answer. Remember, my way of doing things is right for ME. That does not mean that it will be right for YOU. But very often, you can learn from what I share or get an idea of how you might like to try something and it will help you build a happier, healthier life which I believe we all should strive for.

QUESTION:  I want a “good” gift for my kids to give their teacher this year.  You know what I mean… not just a gift card or another scarf or notebook…. Like one that they will rave about to all the other teachers and is still affordable.  Any ideas?

ANSWER:  Oh my gosh!  I’m so excited about this question… LIKE SO EXCITED.  I was always just like you and felt blah about what we gave OR worse feeling like I had to break the bank to give a “good” gift SO… I gathered up a few of our fave’s for you HERE. (CLICK HERE)

***Side note:  A lot of you asked about Mother’s Day gift ideas too so I put together a whole gift guide for every mom just for you – I’ll post it Wednesday!

QUESTION:  I love your necklace you always have on… The dainty silver one close to your neck line.  I notice it most in your Instagram stories.  Where’d you get it from?

ANSWER:  This baby was from my baby a few years ago for a Birthday gift and I just love it too.  He got it at our favorite local jewelers (Engelbert’s).  It’s a white gold chain with small diamonds every inch or so.  I just might have to collaborate with them to offer a special one for all of you because I get this question so much.

BTW – if you want the best homemade ‘Ring Bling’ jewelry wash, HERE YA’ GO! 

QUESTION:  With 4 kids, how do you keep the sickness from circulating through everyone?

ANSWER:  That is tough and I’m not always successful but I do think there are 3 things that have helped us minimize our illnesses and keep those winter germs at bay. Here ya go…

  1. Wash hands often – Washing your hands is the top recommendation from doctors during cold and flu season and ya’ know what? It really works! Our hands are constantly touching shared surfaces like door knobs, remote controls, light switches, phones, counter tops, etc… and germs live their LONG after they’ve been left there.  So teach your kids how to wash their hands for 20-30 seconds (or sing your favorite song while doing it – this week my kids have been singing ‘I love you a bushel and a peck’.  Next week it might be ‘Happy Birthday’).  And if you’re on the go and can’t get a good wash in, then keep hand sanitizer in your purse or in the console of your vehicle so you’re always prepared.
  2. Disinfect all the surfaces in your home – I bet I can name a few you might not think of like cell phones, remote controls, stair railings, drawer pulls, headboards, bottom of your purse or baby bag, backs of chairs, fridge handles, garbage lids… you get the idea.  Don’t just focus on the obvious surfaces like counter tops and tables and it will help keep germs at bay all season long.  And be sure to use a disinfectant wipe to keep bacteria like salmonella and Ecoli away.  MY FAVORITE MOM HACK:  Put toys in the dishwasher!  Yup, I know – GENIUS!
  3. Don’t share with others – Someone who gets sick was actually contagious for 24 hours before any signs or symptoms So… this is why it’s important to not share anything your mouth touches even when you don’t think you’re sick.  Chapstick, cups, forks, toys, etc…   Also, wash your towels and linens frequently AND keep tissues in every room so your kids don’t wipe it all over their hand, arm and sleeve. So gross but they all do it!

Happy Monday friends!  Be sure to share your thoughts or questions below or better yet, I’d love to here your favorite teacher gift idea or germ tip to keep your home happy and healthy.



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