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Hey hey friends!

At 17 I moved out of my parents home determined to go to college full time (mostly at nights) while working a full time job because BILLS. What a recipe for failure.  I learned very quickly the definition of overwhelm and struggle. I was just getting by with my classes and all my bills.  There was no extra time and no extra money.  I soon felt defeated as each month I fell further in debt.

The truth is budgeting is the only thing that helped me see all the little things that I could cut back on or cut out completely.

I cut up all my credit cards, payed as much as. I could on my balances, ate the infamous poor people food (ramen noodles) for two years straight and by the grace of God became debt free while my less than par work ethic initially improved so much, I scored a promotion at work.  School was never really my thing. I graduated college but could have done so much better if I applied myself like I did at my work.  However, that was when I was inspired to share with others that your circumstance does not have to dictate your future… you are in control and by making intentional choices, you can elevate your life.  Let’s start by eliminating your debt!

Click on and watch the video below and then come back here for two bonus tips!


DIVIDE AND CONQUER: If you have a spouse or partner, I highly suggest dividing up responsibilities. For example, if you do the cooking, you should take care of the groceries. And if you know about cars, you should take care of those repair bills or if you take care of everything school related with the kids, you should keep track of all the fees you owe whether for sports, fundraisers or field trips.  You get the idea.  My husband and I do our own thing and only chat about if it’s not within budget.

HAVE SEVERAL BANK ACCOUNTS: To simplify even more, open up a bank account for each category.  I’m visual so I really like being able to SEE how I’m doing and where I need to focus more attention to.

ONCE IS ENOUGH:  I know I mentioned it in the video but I want to elaborate more.  Do each thing at most only once each week.  Grocery shop, eat out for dinner, date night, day out with the kids, coffee shop stop, lunch with friends. NO MORE THAN ONCE EACH WEEK. This will not only help you stay on or under budget but it will also encourage a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Thats it.  I know… it’s so simple.  Try it… you’ve got nothing to lose (except your debt).






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