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Top 3 questions this week….

QUESTION: “What natural remedy do you suggest for teething babies?”

ANSWER: As a mom of four, I’ve tried pretty much everything… the amber necklace, the orajel, cold washcloths, frozen tea bag, you name it. So when a mom friend of mine also asked this question this week to her FB community, I was excited to read the comments because Lola at nine months old is just starting to teeth A LOT.

Anyway, I recently have been preparing for this and researching essential oil recipes and I was excited to find a few to try. But the one that was recommended by a friend of mine who’s says her oils are just another one of the tools in her tool belt to motherhood gave me this recipe that is hands down the only one I’ll use and share from here on out:

What you need:

1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp cacao butter
1 drop lavender
1 drop Chamomile
1 drop Copaiba

***Optional: 1 drop of clove OR ginger. Adding this will help numb the gums as the recipe above without is more soothing. (But please be aware, this oil is what they call a “hot oil” which means it is hot to the touch when it touches skin so you want to only use this sparingly and be sure it is diluted.

***If 9 months or older, you can use 2 drops of all 3 oils as a higher strength is generally needed.

What you do:

Melt the coconut oil and cacao powder together. And mix in oils. You may save extra to use repeatedly.

QUESTION: “How do you define success?”

ANSWER: Success to me is not defined by how much money I have, how many followers I have on social media, how many books I’ve sold, etc… I define it by how much joy I have in my life. TIME and FREEDOM bring me joy. I want to have the freedom to be in charge of my time always. Time and freedom to not work and be with my kids, to go away on several vacations a year with my family and not feel tied down, to pursue new passions, and so much more… whatever I choose when I choose. That’s success to me!

QUESTION: “Do you full time blog? How did you get into it and do you make money at it?”

ANSWER: I blog consistently which means at the least once weekly. However that is not full time by most blog standards. I blog because I enjoy writing and I feel it’s my calling to share simple and positive ideas and tools to help people live happier, healthier lives that align more with their dreams.  As a certified life coach, I enjoy being able to help more people than just the few I can coach privately at a time.  I also have a passion to try to offer valuable content for free because when I needed it, I was met consistently with people trying to charge me for everything.  Some was worth it but a lot was not. And I hate the fact that social media has just become a place where we are constantly targeted to pay a price for things that could be looked up on (Just saying…)  Anyway…. my hope is that you will love everything I share for free that when I do ask you to pay for something like my book for $13 or my personal growth retreat, you gladly support me and purchase it because you trust I’ll deliver! And to answer the last question – no, I don’t make much money.  It’s truly still a passion project at this point.  So I guess I’m not a legit blogger but I don’t care… I’ve never been one to follow the beaten path but rather blaze a new trail all my own!

I hope you enjoy reading. Keep the questions coming. I love sharing. Plus, sometimes you inspire me to put words to things that I don’t have clearly defined which is super helpful to a self-help advocate like me.

And if you feel like it – share any teething remedies you swear by or your definition of success or any big blogging tips. I’d love to learn more about you.

Thanks friends!



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