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Hey gals!

I know you’ll love this.  

I know this because your kids probably blow through water balloons in 30 seconds (not exaggerating) and it kills you because it either cost you a crap load of money to buy the fancy easy ones or it took you 8 years (yes, I’m exaggerating) to fill up each balloon one by one the old fashioned cheaper way.  Either way – I’m over it.  And I’m sure you are too. 

So – here’s my solution.  I saw this years ago somewhere on a much fancier blog although I can’t remember where.  But we do it every year.  

DIY Reusable sponge water bombs!

$6 of fun for the whole summer long… You are going to want to kiss my face sister!

Ok, so… here’s what you need:




Here’s what you do:

Cut each sponge into 1″ strips. (See photo)

Take 9 strips and stack them 3 on top of 3 on top of 3. (Use different colors)

Tie them together with string and cut excess.

Pull each sponge around till it forms a pom-pom shape.

That’s it.  You’re done!

Pro-tip #1:  Hit the dollar store for all materials and if you buy the larger sponges like we did you can get 8 strips out of 1 sponge.

Pro-tip #2:  Let your kids help by making color patterns they want with the sponges.  It makes them feel special.

This took me 20 minutes to make and they will play all summer long with them repeatedly.  Throw them out at the end of the year and make new next year. 

Btw… this is the craftiest I get because it’s easy and smart. Smart moms win every time! 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend my friends!!!



By jessie_bouton

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  • Lanette

    May 26, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    This is a great idea! I’m definitely going to make these! 😘

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