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Ever since I became a mom, I started looking for ways to make life easier. You know… things that save me time, money, and most importantly… things that save my sanity. But since you know I’m not a pinteresty mom but more of a savvy and resourceful mom, here’s some hacks that will ACTUALLY make your life easier. Now as a mom of 4, it’s a way of life.

  1. Organization is key. Not super awesome organization just super simple organization. So we have baskets everywhere in our house that catches things like shoes, blankets, pillows, toys, art supplies, legos, books. If it has a place then it won’t be all over the house scattered. And then it makes it easy for a kid to take that basket and put it where it belongs (or just hide them in a closet like I do) if people are coming over and you wan’t it to appear like you keep a tidy house.
  2. Put your kids to bed in clothes they can wear the next day. Yup, I don’t do it all the time but I do it when my kids are overtired and I know they are going to struggle getting up on time the next day.
  3. Do the 20 minute clean up sprint. Stop trying to make time to clean the whole house top to bottom. It’s way too much of an undertaking and let’s face it… with kids all you do is stop and start and never really get anything done. You need to turn all distractions off (like phones or tv) and get busy for 20 minutes on one area. You will feel so accomplished that you’ll end up doing another 20 minute sprint later in another area of your home. I actually never clean my entire house. I just do the  regular pick up one time, floors another time, bathrooms another, dishes, laundry, windows… you get the idea.
  4. Have a daddy box. My husband always leaves crap around. So this was my solution. Anything that is his gets collected and added to the Daddy Box. It gets it off the counters which makes me feel better and when he’s looking for something he doesn’t have to ask me because he knows where to look. Double bonus.
  5. Bathtub bliss. Not for you silly girl but for the kids. It’s my go-to when my kids are cranky or making a mess everywhere. I throw them in the tub because they love it, they can always use a good soak and it contains the mess. I may or may not have a glass of wine with me for this – don’t judge. So I guess it does actually become bathtub bliss for me too.
  6. And for the times where I can’t just stop what I’m doing to keep the kids happy, I do what I call the box bliss. I always keep an extra big box or two from a recent delivery and throw it at them with markers so I can cook dinner or write this blog post while they make a race car or space ship or a hideout.
  7. Cook extra of whatever you know your kid likes and will eat. For example if I’m making meatballs for dinner one night, I make 2 dozen extra and then keep them ready to go in a freezer bag for a super quick warm up anytime.
  8. Find a friend or two that you can take turns watching each other’s kids. There is nothing more glorious than an occasional solo trip to the Target, nail salon or a drive. I don’t do it often but when I do all is right with the world again.
  9. Grocery pickup or delivery. I always say to cool things like this, “Why didn’t I think of that?” and the truth is I actually did. I have said forever that all I want is to pay someone to shop for me I just never did anything about it. But since someone else did, I am thanking the heavens and taking full advantage. I order weekly groceries (produce and meats) from the local store and order non perishable items from my favorite online wellness shopping club monthly. I may seriously never step foot in a store with 4 crazy kids ages 6 and under again. I’m certain I won’t. This saves me time, money and sanity all in one. Triple bonus!
  10. Keep a bag of “extras” in the car. We have hats, gloves, clothes and shoes for each kid in this bag. Why? Because it is inevitable (especially if they’re boys) they will need a change of clothes or they will lose a shoe or get in the car and forget their winter hat. But there is nothing I hate more than having to be late running in and out of the house a thousand times or having to leave somewhere because one of the kids really can’t be seen in public with pee all down their legs or throw up all over their shirt because their brother tickled him too much. It happens. So it’s better to be prepared.
  11. And we’re going to piggy back off that with 3 more mom car hacks. These are all things you should keep in the console:
    Keep a bag of makeup for yourself. Because I’ve gotten in the car many a times forgetting I didn’t have on makeup. A little mascara and lip gloss for me goes a long way.
    Two extra diapers and wipes. You WILL at some point open up the diaper bag to realize you didn’t restock one or the other. And it will happen when the kid has had a giant blow out and you’re alone with nothing but your own shirt to use. Yea… No, that’s not happening. TRUST ME – This is non negotiable.
    Snack bag. Have some goldfish, pretzels, or a few other non perishable items that are great to distract your kids with when they’re crazy or just won’t stop whining. Food fixes everything. But remember, this is for emergencies only otherwise it will make you crazy trying to keep it stocked as they’ll raid it daily. We have a rule: No one opens the car console BUT MOMMY. EVER.
  12. Live with less or become a minimalist mom. Seriously, if you’re a 90’s chic (like me) then you remember my old pal Biggie Smalls said, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems” and I agree similarly… Mo’ stuff, mo’ mess. So bag up and trash and donate regularly.
  13. As Elsa says, “Let it go”. Sister, please understand this. You can try to control everything but I promise you, you are only setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment, stress and anxiety. As much as we have to give our kids structure and guidance, we also have to just let them be kids. So learn to let some things go.

LISTEN UP MAMA’S – The secret to happiness and efficiency is working smarter, not harder AND doing what works for you. Mommin’ aint easy and ain’t no one got time for comparison. Do you boo!!!!



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