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I’ve been sharing my natural lifestyle since going ALL IN and you guys are asking quite a bit of questions… So I put together all the deets for you.

I hope you are ready for some truth bombs that include why we made the change from having chemicals in our household to all natural products only, statistics, facts, my initial skepticism, what I actually found and how we’re moving forward… because I’m sharing it all!

If you don’t know, after my dads sudden passing 24 years ago, I was inspired to live what I always called a healthy lifestyle.  To me, that meant eat well and workout regularly.  I even went so far to make it my mission in life to inspire and help others to live a more healthy lifestyle as well.

However, it wasn’t until this past year when my son (who was 4 years old at the time) started having a reaction to the cleaners we were using that I really took a good hard look at what I was and wasn’t doing that was hurting me, my family and the environment.

So back to the backstory…  It was 4am one morning and I was doing my usual rounds of all 4 kids (because I’m that crazy mom who checks them a few times a night) and I found my son struggling to breath and unable to talk.  I can’t even begin to tell you how THAT experience affected me but maybe if I share with you my reaction after he was better from receiving emergency treatment at the local Emergency Room, you will understand and relate best.

After becoming aware that it was the chemicals we were using in our home that was causing his reactions, I wanted to know exactly what was in these ingredients and why it was causing him a problem and what I found made me cringe.

I’m actually disgusted with myself that it never bothered me before this that on the back of the cleaner bottles I was using it said things like:

“Caution”, “Danger”, “Poison”, “May be fatal”…. Seriously?!?!?!

OK… So we obviously made an immediate switch in all of the cleaning supplies in our home but then I started realizing that so many other things had chemicals in it as well.  Like the deoderant I was wearing, the shampoo I wash my kids with, the food we eat, the freaking makeup I was putting on my face for goodness sakes.  I’m not sure at all why something that is supposed to help women feel and look pretty would have things like lead and other toxic chemicals in them that would do the exact opposite BUT THEY DO and if it’s reducing your fine lines and wrinkles, great but it’s not so great that it’s greatly increasing your risk of cancer.


But wait, there’s more….

  • Did you know that every 30 seconds a child is poisoned by a toxic chemical found in common disinfectants both by inhalation and ingestion?
  • Did you know that Johnson & Johnson brand baby shampoo was banned in Europe because of the high toxic chemical levels in it?  Did you also know that J&J made a special formula to sell in Europe that doesn’t contain any chemicals?  And did you know that J&J still sells the toxic chemical formula here in the U.S. because the government and the FDA allows them to?
  • Did you know that in the 1910’s, only 1 in 8,000 people were diagnosed with cancer and today it’s 1 in every 2 people are diagnosed with cancer?  (Yes, you and I both know that maybe they weren’t able to diagnose cancer over 100 years ago as well but you and I ALSO KNOW that the point of this statistic is still astounding and terrifyingly true)  This is a direct result from the high use of chemicals used after the war era.
  • Did you know that the person who cleans in your home is at a 54% higher risk of getting cancer because of the toxic chemicals in cleaners?
  • Did you know that the leading detergent, TIDE has ingredients in it that were banned in Europe (as well) because of the high toxic levels that increase the risk of allergies and asthma?
  • Did you know that the chemicals in WINDEX are linked to reproductive disorders?
  • Did you know that the common household cleaners most are using in their home increase the risk of sickness and diseases like ADD, ADHD, allergies, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, cancer, birth defects, behavioral disorders and so much more?

Ok… I’ll stop. I can go on and on…

‘AINT NO ONE SAFE WHEN A MOM IS ON A MISSION!  (Am I right or am I right?!?!!) 

And I’m on a mission to help me, my family and you live happier, healthier, better lives – sickness and disease free. 

With information like this above it quickly became apparent to me that the chemicals in so many household products we were using could have been the cause for my husbands unexplained kidney disease that resulted in him needing and getting a life saving transplant 12 years ago.  My husband also had a large piece of skin cancer removed from his neck 6 months ago.  AND just a few weeks ago, he had a 4 inch polyp removed from his colon that the doctor is greatly concerned about and believes to be cancerous.  YES… I’m on edge.  Yes, I’m terrified.  But I also believe that is why God put this mission in my heart… for me and for the world.  I WILL make a positive difference in this world and one of the ways that will be is by creating awareness like THIS!

Fast forward through three different all natural brand cleaners and I was feeling pretty defeated.  They were expensive and didn’t work well.  I mean like they took A LOT of elbow grease to clean my shower, tub and toilet.  And it became abundantly clear why people stick with the chemical filled crap…  1. They aren’t made aware of the statistics I’m sharing above. 2. The products are freaking expensive and hard on the budget.  AND 3. They don’t work!

After sharing my story on social media, a friend reached out and shared with me that she found a company that had everything I was looking for – no chemicals (no safety caps required), low price point and worked great.  YEAH RIGHT, I thought. I mean I’d done this three times already and they all promised the same thing.  But remember I was on a mission – So I gave it a shot.

And guess what?

It was all true.  Holy crap.  I mean, it seriously exceeded all it promised!

It really was natural.  I called poison control and they said that if my child were to drink or eat anything from their company, we wouldn’t have to bring them for medical care.  They would just suggest to give them lots of water and they’d be fine.  (MOUTH DROP)  Ok… it passed the first test!  Secondly, all the products I was looking at were significantly cheaper.  A lot of their products are concentrated and one bottle of their version of windex equaled 4 bottles of windex and it cost 1/3 less.  By simply switching stores from my usual local grocer to this online company, I actually decreased my monthly budget. Oh my gosh – two for two!  AND… it works like a charm.  Like better than others I used that had chemicals in it.  For example, the stuff I used to clean my oven (the true mom test) actually started to drip off after just spraying it and before wiping it.  HALLELUJAH – my prayers had been answered!!!!

Here’s a few personal testimonials:

  • My kid washes the windows with me now and he has not had one reaction since switching to these products.
  • My other kid who has struggled with eczema since birth and couldn’t find relief with doctor prescribed medications has had it completely clear up with the lotion we use now. 
  • The natural vitamin I have been taking for under 2 months raised all my bloodwork to within normal limits after struggling on and off for years and being tested for several chronic illnesses (like gluten intolerance, chron’s disease, celiac disease and more). 
  • The makeup doesn’t make me breakout.  I mean I’m 35 with skin worse than a 14 year old teenager. 
  • The no calorie, no sugar lemonade doesn’t have that “diet” taste and my kids drink it up so fast we have to make it daily.  Same thing with their version of gatorade that has 1/4 the sugar and 1/5th the calories but still does the job to replace the electrolytes.
  • One of the cleaners completely got out a 2 year old red lipstick stain off my friends couch after being there for two years and several other attempts with different chemical cleaners to get it out. 

Listen, I know you might not have a spouse, kid or pet with allergies or asthma or reactions to chemicals.  So you’re thinking it’s no big deal (just like I originally did) and you will continue using chemical filled products in your home because you can’t visibly see the sickness and disease that is growing inside you, your family and your home.  But I urge you to reconsider before it’s too late and you have a story like mine where your child suddenly has a reaction, or someone is diagnosed with cancer or worse.  You don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing.  You can change and should change.  And this company and it’s products will allow you to do it easy, for cheap and with the best results.

Now… I like to be upfront and tell you, I formed a partnership with this company and I get rewarded every time I refer a customer.  BUT KNOW THIS… I was a customer first and was telling everyone about it before I ever made a penny from it.  I think of this as the same way I tell you about my favorite restaurant or shop or phone app.  If it gets an A in my book, I share it because we’re friends.

Ok friends –  Let me lastly say.  I’m not judging you (so please don’t judge me) if you don’t choose to get rid of the chemicals in the products you choose to use.  But I wont’ not share with you!  There is a better way and you can spend the same dollars somewhere else that is more naturally derived, healthier, doesn’t require childproof caps, saves you money and time and conveniently comes to your door.

This company has products in several categories – nutrition, beauty, bath and body, household, medicine cabinet, and essential oils.  They are able to keep the prices low for high quality products because they are both the manufacturer and the distributor and they don’t spend money on advertising, marketing or warehousing like the brands you buy in stores. So what they save there which is about 63% goes back into keeping prices low, creating quality products and rewarding their partners who refer customers.

Side note:  If you want to learn more, have questions or want to try some products risk free, you can send me a message.  No strings attached.

I’m rooting for you and your motherhood, sister.  We are in this together and I thank you for trusting me to always share my passion with you!




By jessie_bouton

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