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I am turning 36 this year and I’m excited for three reasons:

1 – Because I like those two numbers.  DORK, I know… however, the truth is, I hate the number 4 so when I was 34, I would say I was 35.  And now I’m a WEIRDO. Again, I know. But wait, I’ll do it again… There’s 8 reasons in this blog post why I think life is better after 30 listed below.  There are 8 because it’s my favorite number.  And yes, (incase you were wondering, which you probably weren’t because you probably didn’t even know this but) that is why my umbrella company is called ‘The Infinity Wellness Project’.  Get it? 8 is the symbol for infinity and our life should have no limits especially self-imposed.  Ok, I’m done being weird but you’ll notice that’s the premise of this blog – my life is better in my 30’s because I am embracing exactly WHO I am even if others interests and opinions don’t match mine.

2 – Because it’s the age my father was when he passed which is a reminder that we only get one go around on this earth so you better darn well make it outstanding!  Hard to believe I am going to outlive my father.


3 – I am getting closer and closer to my big 40th Birthday Bash in the Bahamas.  I mean I don’t want to wish my life away but I believe in constantly having things to look forward to and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with my closest family and friends in a place I’ve never been but have dreamed about since forever.

Ok, ok, ok…. On it with it already…

Here’s why I think life is better after 30:

  1. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER: In the third decade of my life, I finally realize that my outlook, perspective and attitude is completely in my control and will determine whether I have a life that I tolerate or a life that I look forward to. Every day you get to choose gratitude or anxiety.  I choose gratitude for everything… even the extra wrinkles around my eyes but note that I’m also grateful for fancy skin care creams. Just because I’m embracing age doesn’t mean I don’t want to look my best.
  2. SELF CARE IS A PRIORITY: I stopped waiting for someone to remind me to take care of myself, to put my needs and wants before others.  And furthermore, I realized that when I do take care of myself, I can take care of others better. So whether that means I need to wake up early, workout and meditate or that I need to stop and binge watch Netflix, that’s cool too.  Sometimes it’s choosing the healthier food option because I enjoy how it makes me feel and others times it’s indulging guilt free with that cookie.  The cool thing about this is, you decide how to best prioritize filling up your cup, mind, body and soul.
  3. MY CONFIDENCE IS CRAZY HELLA GOOD: Oh my gosh, why did I spend so much time thinking I wasn’t good enough or pretty enough and why did I allow other peoples perceived perception of me influence my choices and decisions?  I can honestly say this right here is why I found myself depressed and crying on the bathroom floor more days than I’d care to admit. I now have the confidence to know that only what matters most to ME matters and I’ve learned to say no more and let go of the people and things that don’t serve me in real life and on social media. Now let me be honest here and say, that doesn’t mean I am always confident because I’m human and I just don’t think it’s possible but what it does mean is that I’m always trying my best and that is what matters. Positive growth is good enough for me.
  4. I HAVE NO RULES: Or maybe I should say, I make the rules.  I’ve finally let go of societal (and parental) expectations. Oh my gosh, this one is solid gold! There’s no “right” way to live YOUR life there’s only YOUR way. Hence my blog’s name, ‘Lovin’ Life Jessie’s Way’…. I simply share what works for me in hopes that will encourage you to embrace YOUR way.  So if you want a plush corner office job and house with a white picket fence – DO IT!  If you want to quit your job, sell all your possessions and travel the world – DO IT!  Maybe you want kids, maybe you don’t.  whatever YOU want – DO IT!
  5. I STOPPED WASTING TIME: Nothing brings the awareness of passing time to your attention as much as a Birthday.  So stop waiting for a Birthday, a death, or regrets to be your reminder to grab the bull by the horns. Choose your joy every day.  Surround yourself with people you love, doing things you love.  Say no more and yes more.  Help more. Forgive more. Learn something new.  Embrace change. Use Birthdays, deaths and regrets as motivation to no longer wait.
  6. I OWN MY MISTAKES: There is so much peace in standing up for who you are in all your glory but more importantly, in all your faults.  I’ve stopped apologizing for how I made people feel and started apologizing for hurting them whether it was my intention or not.  I’ve also allowed myself grace and forgiveness for the fact that missteps are going to happen in life and I can learn from them and be more aware next time.
  7. I ALSO NOW OWN UP TO THINGS I DON’T’ KNOW: I always felt embarrassed by the things I didn’t know and would attempt to cover them up which actually only made me look ridiculous when I was trying to appear intelligent because I’m a terrible liar and get a nervous tick that makes me talk too much when I’m trying to compensate. The truth is people respect that you admit when you don’t know something and that there are gaps in your existing plethora of knowledge that you’d happily like to learn more about, maybe even from them.  My fear of not knowing enough held me back for a long time from pursuing opportunities that were in complete alignment with my passion and purpose and would have made me happy.  Now I speak my truth even when I don’t know something, I ask questions and I attend the University of daily.
  8. I QUIT JUDGING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE: Ok this isn’t entirely true.  But what is true is that I catch myself now when I’m judging myself and others and nip it in the butt fast.  Nothing feels better than becoming aware that just as we wish to not be judged, so do others and the only way to free yourself from judgement is to stop analyzing, criticizing and theorizing and embrace open mindedness, stop gossiping and wait for more information (because there is always MORE information).

Guys, here’s the thing – these are things I learned or embraced in my 30’s. But know this, you don’t have to wait till your 30’s – believe it now if you’re younger. And if you’re past your 30’s, it’s never too late to start anything.

Remember this…  You have the power to elevate your life, health, relationships and career to more in tune with your dreams.  You simply have to choose it and that starts with your mindset and then taking intentional actions that will support it.

After revolutionizing my life and becoming a certified life coach, I was inspired to write a book, ‘The R.U.S.H. Revolution – Revving Up Self-Happiness Through the Power of Intentional Living’ where I share with others positive and practical tools and techniques and real life examples to take conscious control of YOUR life and start your own revolution.  You can get it on AMAZON HERE!

So, how do you feel about being in your thirties?  What’s the best part of it for you?  Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Thanks for being here friends!



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