Meet Jessie Harris Bouton

Hey-hey, I’m Jessie… a proud wife and mom of four, certified life and health coach, published author, motivational speaker, multi-business owner, blogger and I bet you’d never guess it but I’m also a former professional 300 mph race car driver.  All those titles sound fancy but I assure you, I’m not.  I’m just a regular gal who revolutionized her life by letting go of my personal limits after a major career and life change plopped me front row at the pity party world tour.  I fell in love with sharing how you too can elevate your life with real life tools and techniques.

But just so you know, I’m not your typical blogger – I don’t take Pinterest perfect photos, I don’t have a crafty bone in my body, I’m only (now) an ok cook and that’s because I’ve had 35 years of being a horrible one.  Oh yea, I mean horrible – remind me to tell you sometime how I basically burned down my parents brand new oven in their brand new kitchen trying to brown the top of the homemade coconut cream meringue pie I made for Thanksgiving one year.  And should I mention that it was also the first holiday I brought my then boyfriend(now husband) to.  I still shake my head as we laugh out loud about that one.  Plain and simple, if you’re looking for any form of perfection, you won’t find it here.  In fact, what I share best is my beautiful messy life and how by simply being super intentional and taking conscious control, I am Lovin’ Life MY way.

I love designer style at an affordable price, any kind of hack you can think of, fun nights staying in over going out, laughing till I cry or pee my pants (’cause apparently that’s what you do after having four giant babies – BTW, if you pee your pants too, be sure to check out THIS BLOG POST —> ‘The only exercise you need to regain control down yonder.’   Ok… Where was I?  Oh yea, I love mexican and margaritas, brownies and peanut butter, and vacationing… not necessarily in that order and preferably all at once.  I make up words on the daily and I’m ok if you make fun of me for it because THIS IS ME and after 35 years, I’m finally not ashamed of that anymore.  No more trying to “keep up with the Joneses.”

Inspiring and empowering others is what I love and to be honest, it inspires me greatly in return.  I created this lifestyle website for myself just as much as for you.  Lovin’ Life Jessie’s Way is where I share simple choices to help you live YOUR best life and So. Much. More.  That might be with inspiring thoughts, words or stories, a time saving or simple budget strategy, a healthy meal that tastes delicious but doesn’t take a chef to create (that even the kids will eat), budget friendly wardrobe options, favorite traveling tips, my speed cleaning or no fail potty training method, fun mommy hacks or a million other non-related things.   It’s real life in all it’s bold beauty and chaos.

I hope this space is a community where you feel a little less alone, supported and find inspiration to live more intentionally, thrive over survive, transform dreams into reality and love life YOUR way and then pass that on to others because together we are stronger.  Thank you so much for being here.  We’re now besties. Welcome to the Lovin’ Life Club -aka- The LLC!

“A coach is someone who shows you things you don’t want to see and tells you things you don’t want to hear all so you can become the person you know you are meant to be”

(Check out more about Jessie’s story and a get a whole lot of positive and practical inspiration and tips to design YOUR best life from her book, The R.U.S.H. Revolution – Revving Up Self-Happiness Through the Power of Intentional Living)

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**Jessie is a proud supporter and advocate of many charities and foundations but she holds organ donation closest to her heart as her husband received a life saving kidney transplant in 2006.  Become an organ donor today if you aren’t already at  Together we can save lives and make the world a better place.